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The 65 year old author, Tony McIntosh, has accumulated numerous observations, experiences and thoughts, having worked in the civil service and, for over 30 years, as a qualified Psychiatric nurse. He graduated with a Bachelor of science honours degree in mental health studies in 2014. He also worked in social care. Additionally, he was a member of the Samaritans for three years from 1979. Together with an interest in comedy, sport, natural environment, politics and family this has provided him with enough material, hopefully, to give the reader reason to be inspired. It is hoped that you will enjoy his writing and assorted musings.

about the book

If you enjoy a varied reading covering a variety of topics, some contemporary and some older, then this could well appeal to you. It is far removed from traditional romantic poetry. Nevertheless, it provides thought provoking material. There is something for everyone in this eclectic potpourri of reflective musings. Enjoy it at your leisure!


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I'm thrilled to see my debut poetry book highlighted on the Wisbech Standard website. Writing has been a soulful journey, and to have my work recognized in my local community is truly humbling. ........


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Ahead of the publication launch date of 21st July 2023, I want to record my thanks and gratitude to Austin Macauley for making my debut poetry collection a dream come true. A very impressive and profe ........


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