"Sneaky peek"

Ahead of the publication launch date of 21st July 2023, I want to record my thanks and gratitude to Austin Macauley for making my debut poetry collection a dream come true. A very impressive and professional job they have carried out!
The aim of this blog entry is to give the reader some background context to a few of the poems, along with a few descriptors.
My initial inspiration came from my late father, unwittingly to him!
"A load of rot" is an amusing composite of sentences purposely meant to rhyme with rot. Father used to bang on about a lady, long deceased, who lived in the same road as him as he was growing up. To respect the lady's name, I have substituted it for Mrs Trott. Any other resemblance to her is purely fictitious.
The "Oh dear saga" is a nod to Father also, inasmuch as he regularly employed the phrase "Oh dear." When asked why he said it, he would simply answer that it was habit. I suspect that, in his latter years this was a euphemism for "I am in pain." However, being a Normandy campaign veteran from the second World War, he was not of the complaining generation. He just got on with life under the mantra of "mustn't grumble."
"Limericks" speak for themselves in terms of plain (some might say silly) simple humour.
Coronavirus" is a serious take on how we were all affected during the pandemic, including the regulations imposed upon us and how, indeed, it did try us.
"Phileas the pheasant", "Kestrel" and "Jackdaw in the graveyard" are my observations of our feathered friends, all unique in their own way. It helps that I enjoy ornithology.
In "Lonely boy" and "Jezebel" there is an element of soul baring and self-disclosure. Many of us might well have been in these situations and I figure that some readers will detect such a resonance within themselves!
To conclude, I hope that this preview is useful. Furthermore, if you are interested and go on to acquire "Assorted musings", please feel free to leave a review.
Many thanks,
Tony Mcintosh (Author)

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